Eurogamer Expo 2013 | The PS4 Show Floor

Eurogamer Expo 2013 | The PS4 Show Floor



The Playstation 4 show floor at eurogamer turned out to be one of the most popular parts of the expo, with queue lines snaking for quite a distance. The queue’s were so bad in fact, I didn’t even get the chance to enter on the first day of the expo. I did however (after a slight jog) get to the cue line at the very start of the Friday, and was swiftly given entry into the segregated area of the show floor. While entering the area, each exhibitor was given a pass for two games which was split into two different lists. The lists allowed for a consistent spread across all of the games, so that the smaller titles had just as much attention as the large titles.


Killzone: Shadowfall


The game which had my attention most, was Killzone: Shadowfall, as it was one of the many games I was hyped about playing after enjoying the earlier games. Killzone: Shadowfall consisted of yet another separated section (sectionception?) where all of the consoles were hooked up over a LAN, and everybody took part in a multiplayer match. The match had a ‘turf war’ styled objective, as well as others, but it did seem that most people were most interested in shooting some people. I started the match using the Automatic rifle, which seemed to be the default weapon. So, I went into the battlefield, Helghast mask at the ready.

The automatic rifle had a nice feel to it, not too much recoil, so it wasn’t hugely difficult to use. I got a few kills in the first few minutes and captured a zone or two, and everything seemed to work very well together, Including a ground slide animation when tapping ‘circle’ while running which got me behind cover nice and fast. After dying, I decided to have a few loadout changes. Changing to a large heavy machine gun was not a fun choice for me, as it slows the character down greatly, and the recoil was too much to handle at long distances.I did however, eventually trying out a single shot rifle (after being disappointed that I couldn’t find a Sniper Rifle) which turned out to be a very nice weapon. The rifle fired a single shot which recoiled upwards slightly, however wasn’t too extreme that it was unusable (I actually used it the rest of the match).

The one thing I did notice about picking up the controller and playing, was the fact that I knew instantly how it all worked. The game has stuck nicely to its predecessors and hasn’t tried to copy any other titles bar itself, which is what I loved most about the short match I had. The character styles, the map layout, the weapons, even the kill confirmed noises were all fantastic and showed that Killzone was going nowhere. (Let’s not forget, those melee animations are still awesome!)




After the fantastic run through on Killzone, I decided to have a look around the other games I could try out, and that is when I saw Resogun. I remember originally seeing Resogun at E3, and thinking it looked very interesting. Resogun is a retro styled arcade game which has had a nice facelift for the current technology. The game works in a Galaga style, where you play as a space ship that must shoot through other ships that are flying towards you. What makes the game unique is the use of the 2.5D stage (where the game only works in 2 dimensions, but the level actually works in 3D space, just like ‘Pandemonium’ for the PS1 did) which is actually a giant circle, so the stage loops right round. The game was a great example of how games don’t need to be huge and over realistic, and still use the next gen technology to make it visually stunning. The game was a good bit of fun, and it definitely looks to be a nice little game which is instantly available. It is also worth noting that this game will actually come free with Playstation Plus at launch, hooray!


Dualshock 4


So, we are left with the brand new Dualshock 4 controller, which can be claimed to be the biggest change to a Playstation controller since the Dual Analog controller released over 15 years ago. The controller itself has the usual setup, with the d-pad, dual analogs, action buttons and the trigger buttons, but has differences across the middle section and the shape as a whole.

Firstly, the controller shape has had a drastic, yet subtle change, making it bigger and more curved around the edges which fit the hand nicely. I felt that it was much more comfortable than its predecessor, and the slightly textured back left me feeling like I had more grip overall. The analog not only look different aesthetically, but they also feel very different. The top of the analog sticks are now concave on the top and are made from a different material which feels much more secure when being used. It also seems that the inner working of the analog sticks have been improved massively, as they feel less prone to sticking, and the accuracy that can be achieved has increased greatly. The Cross/Circle/Triangle/Square buttons also feel different, giving a nice ‘click’ and more mechanical feel when they are pushed. The back triggers are unusual, as they somewhat go to a point, however, they do feel better than the previous versions

The light on the back of the controller is very cool looking, however I am worried about how battery life is affected, and if there will be an option to turn the light off at all. The touchpad was never made use of in either of the demo’s I played (That I know of) but I am still skeptical about its inclusion. After disliking the touchpad being used as R2/L2 on the PS Vita (No Metal Gear Solid for me!) I have not wanted to go near them. I did however, enjoy playing Tearaway with the Touchpad on the Vita, but I am still convinced it will become another gimmick that won’t last a year after release.



Overall, I am very happy that I got my hands on in the PS4 area, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the fun. Also thanks to the Eurogamer and Sony staff for being very friendly during my time their.

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