Microsoft Partners up with Twitch.TV

Microsoft Partners up with Twitch.TV

Possibly one of the most exciting announcement’s at Microsoft’s conference today was the partnership with Twitch.TV

Users will have the ability to directly livestream to twitch through the X-BOX, which solves the big problem of the linking HD recording devices, and screen capturing on your computer. The stream is presumed to be viewed from both the Twitch.TV website, and through the X-BOX One console. Interestingly however, it looks to a be a much more interactive experience when the stream is viewed via the X-BOX, as it allows players to instantly join the game and take part in the action.

Some questions have arose among the team, including the idea of being able to use the capture device within the console, without directly uploading, and rather using it like a normal capturing device. This is unlikely, but we would love to have the questions answered on what exactly the capture device will enable us to do.

We can’t wait to find out some more on this feature, and get some answers to the unanswered questions.

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