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PS4 Friendslist Size Revealed

It was announced in a Q&A video yesterday by Sony that the PS4 will allow for a friendslist of 2000 people. This is 20 times larger than the ps3′s friendslist, which is sitting at a very disappointing 100 maximum friends. Being somebody who always has a full friends list, I am very happy to see this huge increase, and because the increase is so massive, it makes it so much handier for creating community based events for example. The XBOX 1 is said to have a 1000 friends capacity, which is still a huge amount. The best news for some people however, is the fact that Playstation Plus is not needed to communicate in cross game chat, therefore players will still be able to communicate with their friends even if they don’t have PS Plus.


If you would like to see the Q&A video Sony posted yesterday, you can check it out below: