“Uncharted” announced for PS4

“Uncharted” announced for PS4

Last night at the PS4 launch event, “Greatness Awaits” Christophe Balestra and Even Wells from Naughty Dog kicked off the event with some very exciting news in the shape of an Uncharted game. It doesn’t seem to simply be a sequel however, with another voice over (Is that you, Troy Baker?) as the camera pans along an old map, which leads to the title ‘Uncharted’, which would presumably indicate a reboot or a sequel.

There are speculations as to whether the game will follow Sir Francis Drake who has already played a large part in the franchise, but speculations are speculations, and we unfortunately won’t know until the first trailer is released.

Being an Uncharted fan, I’m excited to finally see this being revealed, check the reveal video so you can have a look for yourself!

Update: The Voiceover in the trailer is confirmed to be Todd Stashwick, an American Film and TV actor. What role will he play in the game? Speculations all round!